Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer of Mercy 2.0

The Summer of Mercy 2.0 had over 3,000 people participate during the 9 days!  Every week night during the Summer of Mercy, a different church led the time of prayer.  It was tremendous to see so many churches and parishes come together to pray for Leroy Carhart.  We are praying that his eyes will be open to see that he is ending the lives of human beings and not of a "parasite."  We are praying he will be convicted of his sin and find the peace and forgiveness that can only come through Jesus Christ!

The greatest destroyer of peace and love is abortion, which is war against the child.  We are praying that these women will stop sacrificing their children to their idols!

Kelly Stauffer sharing her powerful story of when she had her late term abortion when she was 14 years old by Dr. Tiller.  Listen to her heartbreaking story by clicking here.

The few people present who support the killing of innocent lives standing around to hear what was being said.

Pastor Charlie Baile from Shady Grove PCA delivering a powerful message!

Lifting up our hands to the only one who can radically change the heart and mind of Leroy Carhart!

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