Friday, December 23, 2011

"Images May Be Disturbing," thoughts on the Duggar's miscarriage

Recently, Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage at 19 weeks during her pregnancy.  For those who don't know the Duggars, they are a Christian family with 19 children.  You can see their website and info about their TLC tv show here:  It was sad news to hear about Michelle's miscarriage.  The Duggar's named their baby Jubilee Shalom.

Recently, the Duggar's had a funeral and memorial service for Jubilee.  At the memorial service they displayed pictures that were taken of Jubilee by the group Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a group that provides photographers to document stillborns or the short lives of babies that die in the hospital shortly after birth.

Here is a picture from the Duggar's website of Jubilee's little hand holding Michelle's finger.
The Duggar's obviously value every human life and are grieving the loss of their child.  I pray that the Duggar family will find peace during this time of sorrow.

I think this situation highlights how amazingly different people value human life.  This baby was 19 weeks old, was given a name, was loved by her family, and was given a funeral.  At places like Leroy Carhart's abortion facility at Germantown Reproductive Health Services, babies well past 24 weeks are brought in by their mothers, given a lethal injection, and thrown in the trash as medical waste.  These lives are not medical waste, they are children that should be given a chance at life!

To further illustrate this point, after reading an article published on about the Duggars and Jubilee, I came across the website TMZ that published the photos from Jubilee's memorial service.  Below is a picture from the TMZ website:
Really?  Images of a family loving and grieving their 19 week old child "may be disturbing?"  Is the picture at the top of this post with Jubilee's hand on Michelle's finger "disturbing?"  What I find to be even more disturbing and tragic is the image I saw after clicking to see more photos.  After clicking to see more photos, this is what I saw.  Warning, the below image is disturbing.

The image is not disturbing because of the picture of Jubilee's tiny feet.  It is disturbing because of the filth published next to it in the "most recent" advertisement on the TMZ website.  There is something drastically wrong with a society that finds pictures of a 19 week babies feet being lovingly held by their grieving mother "disturbing."  When on the other hand, pictures of women being degraded and portrayed as nothing more than a piece of meat to be paraded around, is normal and accepted.  

We need to continue to pray for our society.  We need to pray that every life will be cherished and that our society will treat women with the respect they deserve.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Open letter to LeRoy Carhart

Dear LeRoy Carhart, M.D.,

Every human heart is made for joy—including yours. If you do not have joy as the core of your life, then you do not really know God. I'm not talking about mirth, excitement, or temporary happiness. I'm talking about an abiding joy and peace that, in your heart of hearts, makes you glad you're alive because life is precious and glorious. We are all made for that kind of joy. It's the summit of the Christian life; it is life to the fullest.

Your life cannot be full of joy if it is stained with blood. Why? Because God did not bring death into the world. Death is the wages of sin. So dealers in death are employed not in God's work, but in the work of Satan, the Accuser, the Deceiver, the Father of Lies. Death can only bring more death; it kills not only the body, but mortally wounds the soul of those who participate in it. God wants to free you from the bondage of death. He wants to give you hope and joy. But whatever you do to the least ones—the helpless innocents—you do to Him. You cannot be doing God's work, because the work you do breaks God's heart. What you do does not help women. Pregnancy is not a problem to be solved or a disease to be cured. Pregnancy centers, free health care provided by charities, adoption agencies, and organizations like the Gabriel Network help women. Why can't you help them without killing? Have you ever asked yourself that?

Every human heart is made for joy—including the heart you stop from beating by lethal injection. You cut life short before it even has the chance to find out why life is worth living. Think of your grown daughter. Is her life worth living? Do you want her to know joy? What makes her life any more sacred than all the others? Because she's yours? But the truth is she's not yours. She belongs to God. We all do. God gave each of us life and he called it Good. We have no right to take the life of any human being, no matter how inconvenient, even if it means sacrificing our own life to save the life of another. Life is precious. Your life is precious. Don't throw it away while there is still a chance to redeem it.

Jesus died to give you life. But if you continue to kill, then you remain one of his unrepentant crucifiers—and nothing can save you from the death you yourself have earned by your sins. You were made for joy. Humble yourself before the Lord, recognizing your need to be saved from the bondage of sin and death, and that true freedom of joy and peace will be yours for all eternity.

Praying for you daily.

In the arms of Mercy,
Cathy Kelly 
Respect Life Committee, Coordinator
Mother Seton Parish 
Germantown, MD

“Every human heart is made for joy.” -Pope John Paul II

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thousands gather to mark one year since arrival of Leroy Carhart

On Monday morning December 5, 2011 over 2,000 people came to pray and protest against the abortions being performed at Germantown Reproductive Health Services.  December 5th, 2011 marks one year since notorious late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart began performing abortions in Germantown, MD.

Since Carhart has been in Germantown he has performed approximately 720 abortions.  That is 720 less people in the world and 720 women scarred by abortion from the hands of one man.

720 crosses were set up to memorialize the lives that have been lost in Germantown, MD.

People from all over the area gathered together on Wisteria to stand for life and against the abortions being performed in Germantown, MD.

Every monday morning, people join in the 100s to stand up against the murders that are happening in Germantown by the hands of Leroy Carhart and the staff of Germantown Reproductive Health Services.  To mark the 52nd week since these protests have been happening, 1,000s of people gathered together to stand for Life.

Please join us as we continue to pray for Leroy Carhart, the staff of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, the women faced with an unwanted pregnancy and for Germantown to join together to protest this evil.  Join us in praying that Carhart will turn against abortion and accept the free gift of salvation that is only offered through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  For more information about the monday morning gatherings: