Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video interview with Leroy Carhart

Perspective of what Leroy Carhart actually believes.  Quotations from the two part video are below followed by the video interview of Leroy Carhart.

Part 1 quotations:
Time: 2:05
Interviewer: “do you believe you are taking lives?”

Carhart: “no, I don’t… I think, one has to decide when life began.  And I think that my belief is that the unborn child is a parasite.  I think it has no rights.  And Science has not been able to come up with an answer.  Religion hasn’t came up with an answer.  And I think the only answer is life begins when the mother’s heart says it begins.”

Interviewer:  “how many abortions do you do a year.”

Carhart:  “About, just under 2,000.”

Time: 8:25
Interviewer: “do you feel your fighting a war?”

Carhart: “yes, I think we’re fighting a war.  And I think, you know, the potential casualties are the thousands of woman that will die if abortion becomes illegal.”

Part 2 quotations:
Time: 0:50
Interviewer:  “Do you ever feel uncomfortable about what the work you do.

Carhart: “no, not at all”

Interviewer: “as the pregnancy goes on and the fetus looks more and more like a baby, do you understand the queasiness that people feel about what you do?”

Carhart:  “ Queasiness, no I don’t think so.  Certainty, it’s like doing surgery on a patient.  And it shouldn’t matter what you think Jane Doe should do with her baby.  That’s between Jane Doe, and her doctor and her god.  What you think about it, what I think about it, doesn’t really matter.

Time: 4:13
Interviewer: “Is your god happy with your work?

Carhart: “Yes she is.”

Part 1 Video:

Part 2 video:

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