Friday, December 23, 2011

"Images May Be Disturbing," thoughts on the Duggar's miscarriage

Recently, Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage at 19 weeks during her pregnancy.  For those who don't know the Duggars, they are a Christian family with 19 children.  You can see their website and info about their TLC tv show here:  It was sad news to hear about Michelle's miscarriage.  The Duggar's named their baby Jubilee Shalom.

Recently, the Duggar's had a funeral and memorial service for Jubilee.  At the memorial service they displayed pictures that were taken of Jubilee by the group Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a group that provides photographers to document stillborns or the short lives of babies that die in the hospital shortly after birth.

Here is a picture from the Duggar's website of Jubilee's little hand holding Michelle's finger.
The Duggar's obviously value every human life and are grieving the loss of their child.  I pray that the Duggar family will find peace during this time of sorrow.

I think this situation highlights how amazingly different people value human life.  This baby was 19 weeks old, was given a name, was loved by her family, and was given a funeral.  At places like Leroy Carhart's abortion facility at Germantown Reproductive Health Services, babies well past 24 weeks are brought in by their mothers, given a lethal injection, and thrown in the trash as medical waste.  These lives are not medical waste, they are children that should be given a chance at life!

To further illustrate this point, after reading an article published on about the Duggars and Jubilee, I came across the website TMZ that published the photos from Jubilee's memorial service.  Below is a picture from the TMZ website:
Really?  Images of a family loving and grieving their 19 week old child "may be disturbing?"  Is the picture at the top of this post with Jubilee's hand on Michelle's finger "disturbing?"  What I find to be even more disturbing and tragic is the image I saw after clicking to see more photos.  After clicking to see more photos, this is what I saw.  Warning, the below image is disturbing.

The image is not disturbing because of the picture of Jubilee's tiny feet.  It is disturbing because of the filth published next to it in the "most recent" advertisement on the TMZ website.  There is something drastically wrong with a society that finds pictures of a 19 week babies feet being lovingly held by their grieving mother "disturbing."  When on the other hand, pictures of women being degraded and portrayed as nothing more than a piece of meat to be paraded around, is normal and accepted.  

We need to continue to pray for our society.  We need to pray that every life will be cherished and that our society will treat women with the respect they deserve.  


  1. This is not disturbing at all. It's consistent with the truth that life begins at conception and should be treated as sacred in life and death, inside the womb and outside. The lie I learned was that it is only tissue and treated as "medical waste" not something sacred that needs to be memorialized and properly buried.

    My wife miscarried at 9 weeks and we were blessed that a local priest gave our baby a funeral mass and burial on church grounds. Another friend of ours is a pathologist at a hospital in Hanover, PA who has helped organize the collection, memorial service and burial of the remains of babies who died in the womb. Funerals can be cost prohibitive and many buy the line that it is only tissue, so why go through the trouble. Perhaps we can get hospitals - the doctors and chaplains - the churches and cemeteries to memorialize and bury the sacred remains of the unborn, and bring comfort to the mothers and fathers who lost their children. We gave our little child - sex unknown - but after encouragement from my wife to pray for the sex and name the baby - we named him Charles Joseph - the consolation that a pure soul is in heaven with the Lord praying for us.

  2. Well, we live in an upside down world, don't we?

  3. I found the pictures to be absolutely beautiful. Though I am NOT a dugger fan at all, I like that the pictures show such a tiny little creature with fully developed hands and feet. Something that pro abortion people should take notice on. That is NOT tissue. It is a tiny child. My sister in law went into labor at 20 weeks with triplets. They all died but they had an hour or so with them and took pictures. Whether the children live for 5 seconds, an hour, or a lifetime, they are still children. The fact that michelles child died while still being "covered" in the womb is no different then giving birth to a live child that lives for a few moments. Something so immature and wrong about people assuming if you can't actually SEE the child, its not really a child.